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Spring feelings

It's the first week of Spring and it's also World Doula Week, so social media is full of spring flowers and newborns. It made me realise that the feeling I get when I see those first little spring flowers poking through, or the first sunny days of the year, is reminisicant of how I feel… Continue reading Spring feelings

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Birth preparation in the park

This summer I will start offering holistic birth prep sessions in Park Borély on Saturday mornings. It is such a lovely location and full of so many lovely memories for me, especially the meet ups with my Marseille mum friends. It is so important to find other people who understand what parenting is like, especially… Continue reading Birth preparation in the park

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Gratitude versus Honesty?

We hear a lot about the benefits of gratitude these days and there is evidence to show that practising gratitude can help bring health and happiness.  I think there is a misconception, however, that in order to be grateful, you have to suppress any negative thoughts or feelings that you have.  I don’t believe this… Continue reading Gratitude versus Honesty?

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Infant feeding

Growing up in the UK, breastfeeding was something that I almost never saw, and yet I somehow managed to have a lot of misconceptions about. I unconsciously picked up snippets of opinions from those around me. The message was confused; “breast is best”, boobs are funny/sexy, fluids that come out of bodies are gross/dirty/obscene, bottle… Continue reading Infant feeding

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Postpartum doula musings

My postpartum doula-ing today made use of my new clothes folding skills learnt from Marie Kondo, and giving baby the full spa treatment with her second ever bath ❤️ It is a bit ironic spending time neatly folding other people's kid's clothes, knowing that my kid's clothes are just crammed roughly into the drawer, that's… Continue reading Postpartum doula musings

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Don’t think about a pink elephant…

As much as we may be intelligent and sophisticated creatures, our brains have many levels of comprehension that are all working hard to understand the world at the same time.  This is an important idea when talking about the language used in birth. For example, if an expecting parent is told that there is a… Continue reading Don’t think about a pink elephant…

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My Hypnobirthing Experience (1)

It’s about time I share one of my birth stories.  I have always loved babies, I have always loved the idea of pregnancy and birth - but I never knew much about either! I realized when I was pregnant that almost all of the ideas about pregnancy, babies, but most especially birth, came from TV… Continue reading My Hypnobirthing Experience (1)

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Looking after your mental health – Sleep

Telling someone to get more sleep when they’ve got a tiny baby waking them up every hour seems like a kick in the teeth, I know. But I write this because prioritizing your own sleep is one of the best things you can do for your mental and emotional health.  This is not to say… Continue reading Looking after your mental health – Sleep


Courses galore!

Since Maya started school and I have found myself with a load of time to myself (BLISS!), I have been entertaining myself by taking a load of online courses. They have varied hugely in terms of quality, whether they are professionally useful or just personally interesting. I started off this hobby with the website Coursera,… Continue reading Courses galore!