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Continuous support before, during and after birth
I am a doula and a neuroscientist. That might sound like a crazy combination but I truly believe in the power of the mind to help you have your best birth experience. I can help you train your brain to relax, to let go of fears, to reframe any negative associations of birth to allow you feel positive, calm and prepared for the upcoming birth.
I can be your constant companion throughout your labour, providing the continuous care that is lacking in modern maternity care. I can use a range of techniques from my doula training to help you feel comfortable and to align with the rhythms of the birthing process, but perhaps more importantly, I am there to advocate for you, the birthing mother, to support your choices and allow your voice to be heard.
Postpartum, I am there to ease the transition into family life, to provide support and information, to help in any way you would like (food, cleaning, infant feeding advise, holding baby while you sleep) but most importantly to listen. My neuroscience background means that I can help you look after your mental health, guide you through any baby blues and advise you when you might need more help.

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“I am so glad to have Georgia’s support in this pregnancy. Talking through stages of labour, relaxation techniques and preparing for labour positively has been motivational and inspiring. Her open approach encourages me to ask questions, truly explore my options and feel empowered when making decisions about the birth. The materials Georgia provided were fantastic when discussing the process with my husband and generated productive discussion and a clearer outlook for him. Having her on hand for expert knowledge and support is wonderful. I look forward to the coming weeks and approaching this birth with her support.”



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